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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Stages of Technical Analysis in the Capital Market – Strategy Design and Stock Exchange Trading System

To analyze the capital market (stock market), we need the following three items:

Fundamental (fundamental) analysis
Technical Analysis
Market Psychology (Experience)

After the fundamental analysis of the market and the selection of industries and companies suitable for investment, through the following steps, we will conduct technical analysis and design of our personal strategy and trading system on the stock exchange; these steps will be necessary to update and discuss new and more practical topics. Added:

General market analysis
Investigating graphs of different market and industry indicators (groups)
Check daily, weekly and monthly charts
Investigating the upward, downward, or neutral trend in short-term, medium-term, and long-term timelines.
Check for unmodified and logarithmic graphs
Are there price gaps?
Drawing valid and important trend lines and channels
Drawing valid and important supports and resistances
Are the return patterns visible?
Are there any continuing patterns?
Analysis of indicators
Investigating divergences
In which wave of Elliott are we?
Investigating Fibonacci corrective and expansion ratios
Identify price targets
Price Action: A Review of Japanese Candle Charts and Patterns (Kendall Stick)
Check the trading volume of the company
Reading signs and reviewing the buyer-seller ratios of the company
Determining the loss limit
Adherence to personal strategy and trading system

Based on the above steps, each person should choose and design the appropriate time frame, strategy and trading system according to their personality, capital and risk level.

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