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Registration training in Sejam system

Registration training in Sejam system

SEJAM system is one of the services that the stock exchange organization has provided to 9 million stock exchange code holders through more than 100 brokerages in 31 provinces of the country and shareholders have 180 days to enter their information in this system.

The Central Depository Company has announced in a statement that all activists of the country’s capital market (securities market and commodity exchanges), including natural and legal persons, Iranian and foreign, are obliged to register in this system within 6 months from the date of issuance of this announcement. Take action.

Registration in this alternative system will provide all the necessary documents and information that individuals are required to provide when receiving services.

Registration in “SEJAM” will be once and for all for all elements of the market, including self-regulatory organizations, financial institutions, buyers of investment fund units and publishers who provide services in the capital market.

After authentication, registrants do not need to provide repeated and repeated information in the capital market and will have access to all services of the Iranian capital market once they register. Due to the importance and necessity of registration in this system, the following items are invited to all investors and activists;

1. After 6 calendar months from the date of issuance of this notice, no natural or legal person can receive services in the capital market such as buying and selling securities and issuing and canceling the units of investment funds, etc., without registering in this system. .

2- From the date of issuance of this announcement, providing all services to new natural and legal persons in the capital market, including issuance of transaction code in all stock exchanges, issuance of investment fund units, issuance of portfolio management code and… is possible only after registration in this system. will be.

3. How to apply to the selected counter offices for authentication within the next month will be notified to the registrants by issuing a notice and sending an SMS. If you need any information, please contact the contact number at the top of the page.

The story of Sajam

Capital market officials have announced that the Comprehensive Customer Information Registration System (SJAM) will be a community-based and centralized program that integrates all shareholder information in an integrated manner. Shapoor Mohammadi, the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, had said about the unveiling of this system that with the SJAM system (comprehensive customer information system), a step will be taken towards holding a comprehensive virtual.

Activists in this system can use other benefits of other pillars and companies by entering information only once. This means that there is no need to enter information in other institutions. With the launch of this system, formal shareholders will no longer be eligible for authentication, and investors will be able to access all capital market services by registering in the system.

Benefits of Sajam

Sajam’s comprehensive customer information registration system will be automatically responsible for the process of collecting and managing customer information in the capital market. Thus, with the launch of this system, we will not only facilitate the collection of shareholder information, but also with the aggregation of information and trading records, market transparency will grow significantly.

SJAM is one of the infrastructural systems of the capital market and is by no means a commercial system; therefore, its goal will not be to earn money, and in terms of the scope of providing services, it is also considered a national system. SJAM is also approved and supervised by the Anti-Money Laundering Committee of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, and its design and implementation have been carried out with the presence of an elite legal team.

With the launch of this system, it is expected that there will be a significant opening in the registration of capital market participants. Millions of shareholders can also access all capital market services by registering with the SJAM system. We hope that it will enter the world of stock exchanges with simplicity, transparency and ease. Get the latest information on companies’ financial statements at codal.ir. The stock trading of companies on the stock exchange will also be available on tsetmc.com.

What are the definitions of verification in the SJAM system?

After completing the registration process in the SJAM system and accepting the obligations of inquiry of identity information, information of shareholder codes and bank account information of the person is taken and if the tracking code is confirmed for the person, the SMS will be verified. And you start from the initial registration section.

What does it mean to be a SJAM in the SJAM system?

After receiving the tracking code from the SJAM system, since Ati Saz Bazaar Company announces that the real person has been identified with the identification documents and referring to the government counter offices, it is considered Sajjami.

What is it like to be a legal entity?

The legal entity is authorized after the members of the board of directors, the signatories and the authorized persons have been authorized to order that legal entity automatically.

If you have any questions about this system, please contact us.

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