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Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage

Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage

Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage (Hafte Tir Branch)

Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage has been registered with the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office in Isfahan Province on 07/10/2005 after obtaining a license from the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, with an initial capital of 20 billion Rials under number 25590 and national ID 10260463521. The current and registered capital of the company is 43.8 billion Rials and the capital increase up to 150 billion Rials was approved by the Assembly and was at the disposal of the Board of Directors, which should be registered by the end of June 2017. According to the rules of the capital market, brokers of the stock exchange organization are one of the most important pillars of the stock exchange, so that the investors of this market will be able to invest and participate in stock exchange transactions only through brokerage companies. Annual brokerage firms are evaluated on the basis of efficient space, facilities and human resources, and according to their current situation, they are able to earn points and obtain rankings from the stock exchange organization. Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage Company, one of the most reputable stock exchange brokers since 2005, has the honor of serving customers active in the capital market. There are currently 105 official brokers licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to a recent ranking, Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage Company, among 105 brokers, has succeeded in obtaining the “A” rating from the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization. It is also worth mentioning that currently 59 official brokers have licenses to operate in the Iran Commodity Exchange. According to the latest ranking, Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage Company, among 59 brokerages, has succeeded in obtaining a “B” rating from the Exchange Organization.

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Contact information of Ordibehesht Iranian brokerage & Independent balance group group participation

Unit 5, No. 109, Malayeripour St., Hafte Tir St. ,Tehran


Acceptance in May


Ordibehesht Trader

Housing brokerage contact information (Mofatteh branch)

Unit 2, No. 109, Malayeripour St., Hafte Tir St. ,Tehran


Housing Acceptance (Tehran)


Housing Acceptance (Tehran)

Housing brokerage contact information (Tuyserkan office)

Corner of Ghazi Alley, Enghelab St. , Tuyserkan Imam Square


Acceptance of housing (Tuyserkan)

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