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Mobile Trader

Mobile Trader

Mobile Trader

The proliferation of smart personal devices (mobile and tablet) and the interest of capital market participants in learning about the market situation during daily activities and remote shopping operations without the need for face-to-face visits led to the planning and development of the Trader mobile system. M-Trader is the latest trading tool on the stock exchange that allows customers to make secure transactions and receive market information. Currently, all smart devices that use the Android and iOS operating systems have the ability to install and use this application.

Remarkable users of iOS version:
If you encounter problems while opening the software, after installing the software, do the following:
Setting / General / Profiles (device manager)
Click on Zoi ** k and then click Trust

Notable Android version users:

To install the new version of Android, you must first delete the old version and then install it from the following link:

 PDF help file

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Housing brokerage contact information (Mofatteh branch)

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Housing Acceptance (Tehran)

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