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Integrated capital market stakeholders

Integrated capital market stakeholders

Integrated capital market stakeholders

Integrated capital market stakeholders

Integrated port for capital market stakeholders with the aim of providing integrated electronic services to shareholders, publishers and regulatory bodies through the mobile application (Android and iOS) as well as the web version without the need to visit stakeholders in order to maintain transparency and correct information. is.

Where to start?

Entry to the integrated portfolio of ddn capital market stakeholders is possible for certified shareholders (real / legal) with national code / ID, verification code and password.

According to your mobile operating system (Android / IOS), download the program from the link below.

After installation, run the relevant software and enter your national code / ID.

In order to authenticate, a verification code will be sent to the mobile number registered in the SJAM system, and the user will enter the verification code in the relevant field.

For secure authentication, the user must select a password of their choice to activate the Integrated Identification Service (IAM).

If the user enters this page for the first time, they must select a password of their choice on this page to activate the Integrated Identification Service (IAM).

It should be noted that the code that is selected is a fixed code, which is the next time the user enters the integrated gate. Therefore, the user must be extremely careful in remembering the password.

Note 1: The selected password must be at least 8 characters long and include uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and keyboard characters.

Note 2: If for any reason you have forgotten your secure password, please send your request by mentioning your name and surname and code to ddn@csdiran.com.

Integrated gateway services
Shareholder e-portal (Dara)

Provide electronic services online to real and legal investors

The goal of the portal is to provide online and offline services with the right and timely information approach to real and legal shareholders.

These services include viewing the status of the asset portfolio, including the name and symbol of the asset, its quantity, price and value, the percentage of each asset from the portfolio and the supervising broker. Obtaining a certificate of asset deposit, transaction turnover, notices issued by securities issuers, observing the reason for prohibiting the transaction of code or symbol and the possibility of participating in the meetings of publisher companies in the portfolio electronically (absent) and granting votes Other functions of this system. Also, in this system, it is possible to view the market view, profile of Sajam’s information and also direct access to SJAM’s system for updating information, the latest news from Sarmayeh Bazaar news site and in the future the shareholders’ cash profit claims are provided.

Electronic Portal of Publishers (Dana)

Provide electronic services online to capital market publishers

The goal of Dana Port is to provide online and offline services in a safe and secure environment, as soon as possible to the issuers of securities as a strategic beneficiary of the depository company and the capital market. Electronic communication with publishers accelerates the processes associated with infrastructure recording and depositing operations, convening assemblies, distributing profits, increasing capital and reporting, and will have a significant impact on capital market productivity by significantly reducing the cycle of activities.

Electronic portal of capital market pillars and regulatory and regulatory bodies (supervisor)

Providing electronic services online to the pillars of the capital market and regulatory bodies

The purpose of the monitoring portal is to provide online and offline services in order to improve the accuracy and speed of regulatory activities to the capital market, other competent institutions including the President’s Office, Ministries, Central Bank, Central Insurance, Tax Affairs Organization, legal and disciplinary institutions, including The judiciary and the State Property and Documents Registration Organization are like that. These services include access to various reports according to the different needs of each of these institutions online.


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