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Customer acceptance guide

Customer acceptance guide

Customer acceptance steps

All esteemed customers must first receive a coding code to enter the capital market. The first step is to go to the brokerage of Maskan Bank or branches in person. Step 2 Complete the required forms and take the stock test. Step Three After receiving the completed forms, the customer is authenticated by the broker. Step Four Now you have received your stock exchange code and you can start trading on the stock exchange.

A Guide to Accepting Real Customers

How do I start buying and selling stocks?

The first step in buying and selling stocks is getting a “stock code”. The fact that the first three letters are your family name and a five-digit number is actually your unique identification number and name in the Exchange Organization’s trading system. For example, for a person named Jalali family, the share code can be a combination such as “Jala 54763”. To get the stock code, you have to go through the following process.

Before the first purchase and sale of any type of shares, you must go to the housing agency and, with the necessary documents, apply for a “stock code”.
Visit brokerage branches or Maskan Bank twice in person to order and receive the code (there is no cost to get the share code)
The documents required to receive the scholarship code include the original identity card and national card and a copy of all pages of the birth certificate and national card face to face.

Stock trading methods

The most common way for people to buy and sell stocks is through online trading. Of course, as a user who is starting your trading today, you don’t need to be aware of other stock trading methods, just to increase historical knowledge, it might not be bad to know that there are still other ways to trade stocks, but fewer customers every day. These old methods are used. These methods include:

Order a face-to-face deal
Order a telephone transaction
Internet order

Online transaction

In the online transaction, you can enter your orders directly into the stock exchange trading system from any place directly and without intermediaries by using mobile phones, tablets, laptops and home computers. This is the best, fastest and safest way to buy and sell for ordinary people. In an online transaction, financial transactions between vendors and vending machines are performed automatically through the registered account number. In addition, you can instantly see reports of sales and your total stock.

If you have these two conditions, you can trade online:

At least 18 years old
At least a diploma

If you want to trade from wherever you are forever, you need to sign up for this system:

To get the online transaction code, you need to go to one of the brokerage branches once, have the necessary forms, fill out the necessary forms and take the stock exchange information test.
The required documents are the original and a copy of the national card and a copy of the identity card of the last degree of the bank account book.
You will receive the user and password of the online trading system.
The test has 30 preliminary questions about the stock market.

Please after Danlu

Real customer profile form

Guide to Accepting Legal Customers

Respectfully, according to Article 2 of the Executive Instruction on Combating Money Laundering in Commercial Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions, the information form of the legal entities of this company will be sent to you for completion. Please order the attached form with the following documents for Send company:

1- Company establishment announcement

2. The latest changes in the company

3- Advertising inquiry of the national ID number system

4- Company articles of association

5- Copying the identity card of the copy of the national card of the CEO and members of the company’s board of directors

6- Company economic code

7. Activity license for investment funds

8- Letter from the company in the letterhead for obtaining a scholarship

9- Printing the account in the name of the company (which includes the account number and the account number similar to the company.

Legal Customer Profile Form

Online transaction profile form:

Steps to complete online transaction contract forms:

The contract form consists of five pages that real users only need to fill in the boxes on the first page.
The bottom of all pages of the contract form must be signed, and the last page of the applicant’s fingerprint must be recorded.
The test form consists of two pages, in which the user must first fill in the required information at the top of the form (name and surname of the applicant, national code and transaction code) and then after checking the correct options, at the bottom of all pages The test must be signed by the applicant.
Commitment form, this form includes a page that is in line with the user’s commitment to enforce money laundering rules.
USE, PASS download form (this form contains a page that is in line with the user’s commitment to enforce cyberspace security rules. The user is registered.)
Finally, after completing the forms, they must go to one of the brokerage offices of Maskan Bank to identify themselves, along with the image of their last degree, which is at least a diploma.

Online Trading Contract Guide to Online Trading Contracts

“Click on the link below to read the executive instructions for online transactions.”
Executive trading instructions

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